Second Workshop and Royal Institution Lectures audiovisual now available

A lot has been happening at Kant and Laws over the summer. Our public outreach continued with the 2014 Royal Institution lectures (which you can read about below) and our second annual workshop: ‘Kant and the Laws of Physics’, held in King’s College Cambridge. All were great events, and, even better, are now available in our audiovisual gallery. From the workshop we have: Rae Langton on ‘Matter and Monadology’, Michela Massimi on ‘Kant on Matter, Space and the Laws of Motion’, Desmond Hogan on ‘Handedness, Idealism and Freedom’ and Daniel Warren on ‘The Penetrability of Matter: Mechanical and Chemical’; and from the Royal Institution lectures John O’Keefe’s ‘Immanuel Kant: Pioneer Neuroscientist‘ and Karl Friston’s ‘Life as We Know It‘. We hoped to bring you Sandra Mitchell’s excellent talk too, but, unfortunately, a technical glitch at the Ri stopped it from being recorded. Still, I’m sure you’d agree, it’s an audiovisual bonanza with plenty to keep you going until term begins. Enjoy!